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15-27 May 2021


     Anchorage viewed from a high vista on the Arctic Valley Road, looking westward to Cook Inlet.

On my recent trip to Alaska I spent time in Anchorage, Arctic Valley, Beluga, and Seward—all in southwestern AK. This corner of Alaska is filled with mountain ranges and inlets of the Gulf of Alaska—certainly one of the most physiographically imposing spots I have ever visited—with vistas and scenery everywhere. In late May, all the mountains are snow-capped... 

Here is an album of photographs from various of these spots, with captions.

    Arctic Tern lit by sun on a beautiful day in downtown Anchorage. 


    An Arctic Tern pair doing their thing on the grass at Westchester Lagoon, in Anchorage

     Mew Gull in crisp breeding plumage... This species nests in Anchorage town

    Two male Red-necked Grebes battle for supremacy in Westchaster Lagoon, Anchorage

    The winning male displays with the female 

    Confiding Black-billed Magpie

    Male Green-winged Teal on the gravel of a small creek in Beluga

    Greater Scaup pair on Westchester Lagoon, Anchorage

    River Otter, an Anchorage resident

    flock of Cackling Geese, which breed in Alaska

    View from bush plane coming into Anchorage, which mountains framing the scene

     The first time I visited Arctic Valley of Chugach State Park it was snowing and sleeting

     Black Bear foraging by roadside. Note fine glassy coat! 

          Angry male Willow Ptarmigan confronting me on the trail in Arctic Valley

    Arctic Valley vista on a fine sunny day...

    fine-looking Cross Fox, licks it chops at Beluga Fish Camp (this is a hybrid between Red Fox and the introduced Silver Fox)

     Pair of Dippers at Arctic Valley

    Arctic Ground Squirrel at Arctic Valley

    Hermit Thrush at Kenai Fjords National Park visitor center 

    pregnant cow Moose at Beluga

    cow Moose with new calf at Kenai Fjords National Park

     Mountain Goat mother and baby on cliff above a Kenai Fjords glacier

     Common Raven in south bog, Beluga

     dancing pair of Sandhill Cranes, Beluga

     male Spruce Grouse on the Purdy Creek Road, Beluga

     Arctic Tern atop Black Spruce, north bog, Beluga

    Trumpeter Swans on Beluga Flats, with snowy Arctic Range in background

    White-fronted Geese--very pale individual in middle, and darked birds (Tule race?) on right, Beluga flats

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